Here are some FAQ

  1. Do you get your magic from the Devil?
    No, my magic comes from with in me, from all around me and from the Light. Truth be told I think the devil is an old coping mechanism people use to explain or excuse bad behavior. The idea that all bad behavior is instigated by one being gives people something to fight against.
  2. What's the pick 6 this week?
    No idea. I never buy a ticket. I have heard stories of magic workers that made enough gambling to include their winning in their budget, but I've never met them. I would rather make my money.
  3. How do you become a psychic?
    Psychic talent is like any other talent. You may be born with a leg up, but practice and study are the only ways to get any were with it. Any one that is willing to do the work and figure out their own system will eventually be an energy worker. I have been studying the Great Mysteries for a decade and half.
  4. Is this a scam?
    No, I can't prove a negative, but no this is not a scam. I won't lie or put a curse on you. This business has a money back guaranty. Services list will have individual guaranties.
  5. How does this work?
    That is very complex question. Every thing is made of energy. Including us. Lots of people can just tell when some ones energy is off with out any help. With some practice people can start to tell a persons life story from their energy.
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Remember these are my option not nessesarly fact. I f you find an inacurasy, or have a question that isn't answered her please contact me.  If were not ment to question then why were we designed to?
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